LimeLight Spa

A lap of luxury

LimeLight Wellness and Beauty Spa exudes an ambience of glamour, opulence, style and luxury.

Set within the confines of a scenic avenue, this favored destination highlights the social fabric of Malvern where guests are welcome to enjoy an un parralled experience and indulgence of personal spa style. The fine taste of design and detail embraces the unifying elements of colour and water that refreshes and invigorates the senses. Our fusion of wellness and beauty therapies offers awe inspiring relaxation and bliss where time is unlimited and pampering and comfort is defined as...Out of the Ordinary!

What We Do

Mother & Baby Spa

A baby wing to this expansive wonder of wellness is wooing new mothers to the concept that - redefining her silhouette shape, signature looks and personal style is no more a distant dream! Our designer spa is a relaxarium of restoration fully kitted to create a buffer-zone for mom and baby to room-in, rest-up and ease into the life-changing journey of motherhood and baby bonding in the lap of luxury. Baby Bond – Infant massage: is a life-giving gift communicating love to your baby through nurturing touch. Pregnancy Massage: :relieves body discomforts challenges and changes whilst nurturing new life from within Post Natal Massage : A positive physical & emotional treatment that fastens the healing & recovery process of birth

Kids Spa

For the small budding beauty & little boy oh boy! Kids want fun, me time and beauty treats too…. Precious moments become unforgettable memories

Teen Spa

Beauty is the energy of youth. Take every woman by her hand from her earliest youth and introduce her to the world of touch, beauty & wellness and accompany her along all the moments of her life… these become priceless reflections.

Birth Smart

“The power of a baby is in the mothers hand” Birth Smart is an all-encompassing & impacting presentation/workshop/help desk to guide, support & advise parents to be, through a life changing journey from before to birth & beyond

Tea Spa

Welcome to the arena of flavored teas and take a journey to the taste of fine blends. A relaxarium to sip and snack.


Facilities for group get-togethers, bridal showers pamper parties, baby showers, selected events & mini conferences are arranged at the outdoor paviillon around the pool as the centerpiece, graced by a cascading water feature.

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